Video can only tell so much of the story.

Broadcast graphics add to your presentation by putting additional information in front of the viewer.

Powder Ridge Productions develops graphics unique to your stream.

All elements will be fully branded and conform to a color pallette to reinforce your brand. Our broadcast graphics are not just static text and images, we integrate animation and sound into your graphics to add a professional depth to your program.

Some examples of graphics include:

Lower Thirds are graphics that reside in the lower third of the video - hence the name. The lower third graphic is commonly used to identify individuals on screen, or to add additional information about the scene. We integrate your logo or other branding elements into a lower third graphic specifically created for your program.
Score bugs are commonly found in sports applications to help the audience keep track of the specifics of the game such as score, time, quarter, penalty info and much more. A dynamic score bug updates scoring as the game progresses, shows a running clock, and animates other information such as penalties onto the bug. We can develop a fully customized and branded dynamic score bug if you are looking for a customized solution. We have stock bugs that can be used if you would like to get right to streaming without incurring additional costs. Keep in mind that your sponsor's information can also be included in this space.
Nothing brings your audience into your program better than a great introductory video. The intro video maintains consistency between individual installments of your re-occurring stream, and can set the mood and pace of the content to follow.

If you can think it up, we can create it. Work with us to create your program's introductory video, and presage look and feel of the stream to follow.

Transitioning between two different video contexts can take your audience out of the flow of the program. By implementing a graphic element on the transition between two videos, your audience understands that they are viewing a different context. Typical use of the Graphic Stinger is video replay in a sporting event. We will depelop a custom stinger for your program that incorporates your logo or pallette colors.

Information tickers are commonly found in news programming. It is typically a horizontally scrolling bar of text at or near the bottom of the screen. It normally contains information superfluous to the main program, but can also contain supportive information about the program for the viewer to digest. We can implement various styles of tickers into yor program as necessary.

Social Media has changed the way we communicate with each other. A robust stream should include integration with social media to allow for audience participation and to help propogate the reach of the stream through sharing. We have advanced tools to allow for live online/onair interaction with your audience. Use this tool to grow your audience as well as gauge audience participation for advertisers.